How to make the Mesos

One of your highest priorities, if not the highest priority for this game is to get as rich as possible.  Only with money will you be able to get the best gear and get further in the game than your loser friends peers.

When I first started, I noticed you get mesos pretty easily.  You get about 10 to 20 mill just by questing all the way up to 85, but that’s not enough to get you what you need.  Sooo… there are a few methods which you can do to increase your wealth.

Selling equipment obtained from Elite Dungeons

At level 95 and above you’ll be able to do the Elite Dungeons that get you a random Epic equipment for every run.

Get 3 or more of these a day and sell them at the Trade Station.  I wouldn’t recommend using them in place of powders as one epic equip is worth only 2 epic powders.  If you run out of sale slots, use your other characters or make other characters to help you sell your gear.  Note, if you’re looking for others to do the dungeon with you, most people will be doing the 105+ dungeon on hard on channel one.

Trade Station

Stalk the markets and look for under-priced equipment then resell them for more.  I recommend doing this at some stage as it helps you to get familiar with all the equipment so you’ll be able to spot what’s good and what’s not.  If you need more slots to sell equipment with, you’ll have to make more characters and get them to 35 and make use of good ol’ Mr Kim the storage keeper.

Check the equipment page to help you evaluate how much your equipment is worth.

Making several characters and going Mini dungeon

With the introduction of Auto-battle, there are a number of ways you can utilize it to your advantage.  A key thing about Auto-battle which the game doesn’t really tell you is that not only does it work while you are away from your keyboard, but… it works offline as well!  Meaning you’ll be able to log in on your game, start Auto-battle, then turn off your game and your character will train while you are offline.  This opens up a few new avenues, especially for those that can’t spend too much time playing the game.

For the strategy that I have devised, you simply have to make new characters, level them up to the magic number of 25 and start Auto-battling in the Mini Dungeons. (Alternatively, you can get them to 20 and start Auto-battling in a random area to get to 25).  Leveling to 25 with quests will only take you maybe half an hour.  It is more efficient if you transfer yourself an epic weapon via the storage keeper right from the beginning so that you can 1-hit everything.

Once you are level 25, ensure you have enough potions, set your character in the highest possible Mini Dungeon, click “Auto” and then you are free to go offline.  Do this for each character slot and eventually, they will start earning more and more mesos as they go up in levels.  The most efficient way of doing this is making sure you get the extra ticket for the Mini Dungeon from your guild for each character so that you can do them in 2-hour shifts. (Your guild needs 10 attendances for you to get the ticket).  Alternatively, if you are impatient you can quest to a higher level so that they will earn you more straight away.

For a level 50 character, they will get you roughly 200k per 2 hrs.  At 60 they will get you 250k, at 70, 350k and at 80 you’ll be getting over 400k for every 2 hour run.  My Bowmaster at level 110 currently gets me more than 800k. If your guild has leveled up their meso acquisition level then that will get you a whole lot more.

While Auto-battling, set your character to use only one AOE skill.  A skill that has less than 60MP per use and can 1 hit kill everything.  This allows the character to generate and pick up potions more than the character consumes, making the character self-sustainable.

Note that while Auto-battling online, if you run out of the currently selected potions, your pet automatically switches to any other type of pot you are holding but it will not do this when you are offline.  Also, be aware your character will consume more potions when offline than while you are online.

I’ve noted that Dark Knights are the most efficient for this method at the 3rd job.  With their Charge move, they continuously move forward while grouping the mob together, in this way it doesn’t matter if the monsters don’t die in 1 hit.  Bishops are probably the most efficient at the fourth job with their large AOE attack Big bang which has no cooldown.

This method will garner you a few million mesos a day.  And what’s awesome about it, is that you hardly have to do anything apart from the initial set up.  Not only that but it will continue to get you more and more over time.

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